Up In Smoke​.​.

by Common Ignorance

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3rd release by Houston/Dallas based hardcore punk band Common Ignorance. Recorded in Houston, Texas 9/2013 at Wolftrap Studios by Josh Bokemeyer.


released September 19, 2013

Jennifer Smith, Andrew Guy, Kavon Samie, Josh Bokemeyer



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Common Ignorance Houston, Texas

From Houston, TX

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Track Name: Understand
Your turn
turn to learn
that I don't care
that I don't wanna hear about
whatever you're doing now
without a doubt
do do you do you do you understand?
do you do you do you understand?

stop looking at me like you don't see how selfish you are
you've gotta be kidding me
walking around like you own this town but that doesn't mean shit to me
do you
Track Name: The Ripper
I'm not you, you're not me
don't know what you're tryna be
if i were you and you were me
id give me to the count of three
to show your stuff
but its not enough
cuz you say life is rough
and that you've got it tough
look out the window
enough is enough

you're the reason nobody's surprised
that were trillions in debt
and theyre looking to the sky
you say life is rough
you think you've got it tough
look out the window enough is enough

its not their choice
don't you die without your voice
i may be young but i have something to lose
and i'm not gonna lose it to you

you say life is rough
you think you've got it tough
look out your window
enough is enough
Track Name: Common Ignorance
don't tell me that you're fucking bored
slammed the door, on the floor
uncalled for, you fucking swore
you're acting like you're fucking four

what else do i do
when i cant trust you or you or you

don't tell me that you've got it made
face the facts, you got played
sad because you got betrayed
you got burned, she got laid

no. i. can't. trust. you, or you, or you or you or you
Track Name: Stand Up To The Man
i'll see till my dying day
that every creep dies in a fucked up way
changes, they will come
so you won't have to run
away from home
you don't have to die alone
take my hand, and stand up to that fucking man
that puts you down

fuck those "friends"
they won't be there in the end
take my hand,
stand up to the man.
Track Name: Save Yourself & Fuck The Rest
can't escape the fire, can't escape the flame
you play god, you play the part but never take the blame
look down your nose at me, you think you know what's best
I'm unimpressed that you've been blessed
save yourself and fuck the rest

should I feel ashamed?
i won't be chained
to some religious game
cant escape the fire, can't escape the flame